Category is…Anxiety.

(Note: I wrote this after not sleeping for a few days, which happens to me periodically, and maybe partially explains some of my irritability at times. However, I waited until I had more clarity and less anxiety, and felt the following was still an accurate snapshot of what my anxiety feels like. Writing helps me … More Category is…Anxiety.

11 Pipers Piping

Happy 11th Anniversary Bunil! It seems less odd to be self-congratulatory when you use your combined moniker, but f*ck it – I am happy/proud/delighted to have arrived at another year of  togetherness. While this year won’t quite pack the same punch as last year’s 10 year extravaganza, where we traversed across India for three weeks … More 11 Pipers Piping

Masc 4 Monarch

The start of my 37th year can best be encapsulated by the duality of: A) Disabling my Facebook feed, avoiding most human interaction, and not leaving my apartment on the actual day of… B) And subsequently heading to Key West over Labor Day and partaking in the repeated cyclical bacchanalia that I somehow gravitate toward. … More Masc 4 Monarch


(Note: I wrote most of this previously during a low moment, so I was going to refrain from posting, for fear that it would set off alarm bells. But then that defeats the purpose of this entire exercise. Ebbs and flows.) Another year, another June, another season of Pride. Beyond the rainbows and excess, I … More Honesty.

Book It! To Me Good

I’ve recently reacquainted myself with the joys of being a card-carrying public library member. Not only is my local branch a pleasant stroll from Casa de Bunil, the staff are pleasant, the space is clean and conducive to reading, and it’s got all of these fantastic ancillary offerings (free museum passes, job training, a mini-art … More Book It! To Me Good

The Light

Happy Diwali/Deepavali! I can’t say that I’m a devout Hindu, but I enjoy lighting a few diyas (aka Ikea tea lights) under our Ganesha statue on this day. To a purist, I’m probably more religious than Jews that have only seen a temple during High Holidays, but less fervent than the Christians in a pew every … More The Light